USB headphone amplifier with FM transmitter

-Small audio equipment that can be connected directly with USB-A
-With small FM transmitter
-A high sound quality analog signal is generated directly from USB digital audio signal.
-High-resolution TI-BarBraun DAC
-With headphone amplifier (via stereo mini-Jack)
-Music flies from PC to TV & the minicomponent (wireless)
-Simple & easy connection without annoying cables
-Cordless replay of music source saved in iTUNE etc,.
-Possible to put anywhere in living and the mobility of note PC can be kept.
-With lovely LED illumination
-For USB suspension mode (Battery is not consumed when PC is suspended.)
product-usb_01.jpg   product-usb_02.jpg
PCB (front)
PCB (back)
Analog, wireless technology of high-resolution 16bit DA converter and small FM transmitter